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The formula for making pizza in an electric oven as if it were made of firewood (according to physics)

Although you can make very decent pizzas at home , the result is usually not as good as in a wood-fired oven for one simple reason: pizzas are usually ready in just two minutes, but because they are cooked at a temperature of 330 degrees Celsius. A temperature impossible to reach in a homemade electric oven, which also distributes the heat in a very different way.

But, according to a study published recently in the journal Physics Education, there is a way to achieve pizza baking at home in the most similar way to how they prepare pizzaiolos Neapolitan. And as the physicists Andrey Varlamov and Andreas Glatz explain, the secret is not in the mass, but in applying the laws of thermodynamics.

Together with the Italian nutrition expert, Sergio Grasso , the physicists have carried out a series of experiments – basically, baking margarita pizza as if there were no tomorrow – to determine the science behind the perfect pizza, and they have published the results of their experiments in a paper that bears the suggestive title of ‘The Physics of Baking a Good Pizza’.

As the authors of the research explain, at home the usual thing is that either the base is made before the cheese is melted conveniently, or else it is very made before the base is sufficiently crunchy. But there are ways to imitate as much as possible a wood-fired oven.

Tricks to have a crispy pizza

Although the authors acknowledge that it is impossible to obtain the same results in an electric oven as in a wood oven, they assure that the pizza should be cooked at 240ยบ for 170 seconds, that is, almost three minutes. But this is only worth the margarita, because as the ingredients we use increase, the amount of water increases, and therefore the time it takes to cook these.

“There is a last secret that is revealed to us important for pizzas with water-rich ingredients (aubergines, tomato slices, or other vegetables),” the authors explain. “In this case, the expert first bakes the pizza on a regular basis, on the surface of the oven, but when the bottom of the pizza is made, he lifts it with the wooden or aluminum shovel and keeps it elevated from the cooking surface for another half minute or more to expose the pizza only to the heat irradiation. In this way they prevent burning. ”

How to emulate this at home? First, you must bake the pizza in the oven as usual until the base is ready. Once the base is cooked, you should set the temperature to the maximum for a few seconds, turn on the grill function, and place the pizza on a rack (if you are using a stone to make pizzas). According to physicists, this will achieve a crunchy base, a well-melted cheese and well-cooked ingredients, all without the pizza remaining dry.

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