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The five most wanted pizza recipes on the Internet and their easiest and most delicious recipes

I admit that preparing this post has surprised me a lot. When I started looking for the five most sought-after pizza recipes on the Internet and their easiest and most delicious recipes , I was hoping to find classic pizzas like the quatro stagioni pizza , the margarita pizza or the capricious pizza , without forgetting my favorite pizza, the four cheese cheeses that I, as a good cheese lover , always prepare as a pizza five cheeses by adding goat cheese to the usual preparation.

However, others are the five most sought after pizzas on the Internet, perhaps because of the great influence of pizza delivery chains at home and the new trends in food. Although in Direct to the Paladar we have a pizza for each day of the month and we have already taught you how to make homemade pizza dough , today we are going to show you the most searched pizza recipes on the net and maybe you will be surprised as much as my.

1. Pizza a la carbonara

Probably, the carbonara pizza is the simplest recipe to make in your home oven and share it with friends or family on those movie and pizza nights or when we meet a few to watch sporting events together in a group dinner.

They are occasions in which we do not look so much to offer our guests very gastronomic dishes but we want simple, easy and fast recipes that are comfortable to distribute when we have the attention in the event for which we have met.

  • Ingredients : Homemade or refrigerated pizza dough , Liquid cream for cooking, 100 ml, Bacon, 200 g, Mozzarella cheese 1 ball, Laminated mushrooms 4 Black pepper ground to taste and Grated cheese for pizza (assorted) 100 g
  • Preparation: We start preparing the pizza dough , -can use a refrigerated if you are in a hurry- or knead our homemade dough . To make the carbonara sauce, we start by cutting the bacon into very thin strips and sauté them in a pan until they begin to release their fat. We reserve that they will finish cooking in the oven. In the fat that they have released, we sauté the rolled mushrooms back and forth, reserving them also. Then we add the liquid cream and 50 g of grated cheese into strands – any mixture that we like – and reduce it until the cheese begins to melt. We extend the dough or base of the pizza, put three or four tablespoons of the cream sauce and cheese on it and spread it well with the back of a spoon. Then add the crumbled mozzarella in pieces, the taquitos of bacon and mushrooms and the rest of the cheese grated in threads. We add a little more of the carbonara sauce that we have elaborated, – repart them all over the surface of the pizza-, sprinkle with abundant black pepper and cook it in the preheated oven at 230º for about 15 minutes until the edges of the pizza begin to toast.

2. BBQ Pizza

I suppose that the chain of pizzas at home also have a lot to say here so that this pizza is among the most sought after. It is true that the barbecue sauce gives very good flavor to the oven preparations, but it is hard to believe that this pizza is the second most sought after recipe , ahead of the caprese pizza more than Google Trends tells us.

  • Ingredients : 250 gr of flour, 15 gr of fresh baker’s yeast, 1 teaspoon of salt, 15 ml of olive oil and 125 ml of warm water, 200 gr of minced meat, 300 gr of chicken breast, 2 onions, barbecue sauce and 5 slices of havarti cheese or 70 gr mozarella
  • Preparation: The first thing is to prepare the dough, for this, we mix all the ingredients and knead well until there is a smooth ball. Then let it rest until it doubles its volume, usually between 30 and 45 minutes. While the dough rests, we put on the filling. Chop the onion and put it to brown in a pan with plenty of oil, then cut the breast into cubes and shred the minced meat a bit more. When the onion is almost at its point, add the meat, season slightly, brown and reserve. With the filling ready, it is time to prepare the base of the pizza, so with the help of the roller we give the dough the desired shape, trying to achieve a uniform thickness of about four millimeters. Now we distribute a bit of barbecue sauce on the base-I’ve used a pot, but homemade it would be better-, then we add the onion and meat mixture and finally we cover everything with cheese. To finish, it only remains to bake the pizza about 15 minutes at 215 degrees and enjoy.

3. Vegan pizza

Although this green pizza is a delicious pizza, I also find it surprising or strange to find this pizza among the most sought after classic pizzas like the ones we mentioned at the beginning. In any case, with such a good appearance and with such healthy ingredients, it is a delight to show you this tasty vegan pizza.

  • Ingredients : Water 200 ml, extra virgin olive oil 50 g, pressed yeast at room temperature, 20 g, strength flour 380 g, wheat semolina, 20 g, salt, basil pesto, 30 g, broccoli, zucchini, cheese blue, 30 g, Mozzarella cheese, 30 g, fresh oregano
  • Preparation: To prepare the dough in Thermomix , pour the water and the oil in the glass and program 1 minute, 37º at speed 4. Add the pressed yeast, mix 5 seconds at speed 4. Then introduce the flour, the semolina and a pinch of salt (a level teaspoon) and we program 1 minute, glass closed at speed spike. To prepare the dough in the traditional way,We heat the water in the microwave for 30 seconds, add the crushed pressed yeast and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Place the flour on the countertop, make a hole in the center and add the previous mixture and oil. We remove the liquids while we incorporate the flour from the outside. Before adding all the flour to the mixture, we incorporated the salt. Continue kneading for a minute or until obtaining a homogeneous mass. We can leave the dough in a bowl sprinkled with flour and covered with a clean cloth for half an hour, but this is optional. Divide the dough into three and spread each one on the baking tray lined with paper sprinkled or sprinkled with flour. Cover the base with the basil pesto and distribute small pieces of broccoli, diced zucchini and mozzarella cheese on the surface. Sprinkle with a splash of extra virgin olive oil (optional), season and cook on the base of the oven, preheated to 300ºC, for eight minutes or until the base is cooked to our liking. We remove the honor and distribute the blue cheese and fresh oregano on the surface at the time of serving.

4. Homemade pizza

With that generic name of homemade pizza , we reached the fourth place among the most searched pizzas on the internet. To respond to this search, we have preferred to include here our manual to make the perfect pizza and the eight mistakes in which you do not have to fall to make homemade pizza , so that when you want to make pizza at home you have clear what you do and what you do not It must be done.

5. Pan Pizza

For most consumers, the most popular pizzas are those with a thin and crunchy base, the New York-style pizzas, but certainly the bread-based pizzas like them a lot too. Good proof of this is that the fifth most sought pizza recipe is Pan pizza or bread-based pizza .

This happens, probably due to the influence of the commercial pizza chains, since in pizzerias and Italian ovens this variety of pizza is not usually on the menu . In any case, I can attest that this preparation is also very rich and this is your recipe.

  • Ingredients : For the poolish we will need 160 g of strength flour, 180 ml of water and 1 g of instant baker’s yeast. For the dough we will need 190 g of strength flour, 5 g of instant yeast, 10 g of salt and 45 ml of water. To cover the pizza, tomato and cheese, onion and mushrooms and then one half we have put chistorra and another half tuna
  • Elaboration: First we will do the poolish . We have to mix all the ingredients we will get a sticky dough, which we have to let stand until double the size. It usually takes about 3 or 4 hours. Depends on the environmental temperature. To make the dough, we mix the flour, the salt and the yeast. Add the poolish and water, mix everything well until you get a mass that will be quite sticky. To knead by hand we must wet our hands with water and knead with circular movements within the bowl itself. If you do it by machine it is much simpler, you just have to notice that the mass is detached from the walls but that it remains stuck to the bottom. We will knead about 5 minutes. Pour the dough with a spatula dipped in water on a baking paper. Extend it, grease the dough with extra virgin olive oil and cover with kitchen film. Leave about 45 minutes to an hour and put the ingredients you want. In the case of today we have made the base of tomato and cheese, onion and mushrooms and one half we have put chistorra and another half tuna.We bake at 210 ºC preheated on a baking stone for 15 minutes.

And now, after discovering which are the five most wanted pizza recipes on the internet , which one are you going to start with?

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