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Kartoffel-Flammkuchen: the recipe for Alsatian potato pizza that will conquer you

I always say that I have a predilection for German gastronomy, although in general for the whole of central Europe. Their cakes are second to none, and whenever I’ve tried a new recipe it has conquered me. That’s why I think I liked this recipe for Kartoffel-Flammkuchen or Alsatian potato pizza . It is absolutely delicious!

In addition, it is one of those recipes that result, because it can be done in advance and then heated before serving. The potato base gives it a very particular flavor and I think it is perfect to use in other recipes, even with individual presentation. I explain the recipe to do with and without Thermomix , so that you can do it or not have this robot. You will tell me!


For 8 people

  • Olive oil to grease, 2 tablespoons
  • Zucchini with skin 1
  • Gouda cheese in pieces 100 g
  • Cooked potato 500 g
  • Eggs 2
  • Salt
  • Fresh dill 8-10 twigs
  • Feta cheese in pieces 200 g
  • Cheese quark 150 g
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Fresh mushrooms rolled 100 g
  • Purple onion in thin slices 1

How to make Kartoffel-Flammkuchen or Alsatian potato pizza

Difficulty: Easy

  • Total time 40 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 25 m

We start by preheating the oven to 250º and lubricating a baking tray with oil . We remove the tips of the zucchini, we split it in two and then we laminate it. We put it in a bowl and we reserve it.

If we make the recipe with Thermomix , we put the gouda cheese in the glass and chop it 10 sec / vel 5. We add the potatoes, the eggs and the salt and mix 10 sec / vel 3. If we make the recipe without Thermomix, we grate the Gouda cheese, put it in a large bowl and add the potatoes cooked and previously crushed with a fork, eggs and salt and mix until everything is united.

We put this dough in the tray we had greased and spread it with your hands, pressing until it is about 1 cm thick and the dough is distributed over the entire surface of the tray . We bake it in a preheated oven at 250º for about 10 minutes. While we continue with the recipe.

If we use Thermomix , we wash the glass and chop the dill 4 sec / vel 8, then we lower it to the bottom of the glass with the spatula. Add the feta cheese and crush it 5 sec / vel 5. Add the quark cheese and a pinch of salt and mix 5 sec / vel 3. If we do not use Thermomix, grate the feta cheese, chop the dill and mix both with the quark cheese until there is a uniform mixture.

We distribute the previous mixture on the basis of precooked potato. We cover it with mushrooms, zucchini and onions. Season to taste and bake 10-15 minutes in a preheated oven at 250ºC. We remove from the oven and serve.

With what to accompany the Kartoffel-Flammkuchen or Alsatian potato pizza

This recipe for Alsatian potato pizza is ideal to serve at a casual lunch or dinner, along with a varied green salad and a glass of some special red wine. If you have spare, I do not believe it, keep it in an airtight container in the fridge, to taste it you will only have to give it a touch of oven to heat it.

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