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Canadian air traffic controllers send hundreds of pizzas to their American colleagues who have not paid for weeks

The partial closure of the government in the United States is already the longest in its history and is affecting thousands of workers throughout the country, who suffer the most from the consequences of this political chaos. Among them, air traffic controllers, who have been doing their work for weeks without charging , but solidarity sometimes comes as less is expected. And this time he has done it in the shape of a pizza .

It is the gesture that their Canadian colleagues have had, who have wanted to show their support with their colleagues by sending hundreds of boxes of pizza make the bad moment they live in the neighboring country more bearable. The action began on Thursday afternoon when the drivers of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) sent symbolic pizzas to Anchorage (Alaska); the initiative has been successful and some 300 pizzas have already arrived at 40 different air centers.

Since the end of December, 10 000 air traffic controllers in the United States are carrying out their work with the uncertainty of not knowing when they will be charged again. The complicated situation they suffer has led their Canadian counterparts to show solidarity with their colleagues, as they know better than anyone how stressful their profession is . The insecurity of having the ground frozen should not help to perform properly.

That is why the professionals of Edmonton wanted to have a small gesture of solidarity support betting on the comforting and unifying power of the food . It is clear that the pizza perfectly meets the category of comfort food , and were very well received.

The action spread quickly through social networks and soon other air centers in Canada were encouraged to follow suit. Peter Duffey, who heads the Canadian Air Control Association, said that many workers had been looking for some way to support their American colleagues, with whom they work every day to ensure good air traffic between the two countries.

It is not about sending food to affected workers because they can not pay for it, here the message is different. It is the humble pizza as a symbol of solidarity, empathy, union and brotherhood between professionals from different countries who do not know about borders; even though they work precisely on them.

This concept of comfort food , which is abused so much lately, does so its meaning: sometimes you just need a piece of succulent pizza to forget the worries , especially when it comes with the disinterested love of strangers who want to support thousands kilometers away.

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