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How to match wine to different types of pizza?

Every country has its own custom of choosing a drink to go with pizza. Make pizza with emerson microwave with grill reviews. The Germans serve chilled beer, the French serve cider, and the Italians serve wine. Italy invented this dish, so they can be trusted with the choice of pizza drink. The following condition works here – red wine is suitable for meat products, white wine is ideal for fish. This statement says that rich in flavor food should go with no less strong drink, otherwise one of these combinations will be lost against the background of the second. So, which wine goes well with vegetable pizza, and which is preferable for meat pizza?

Wine for pizza with meat toppings

Meat has a bright flavor, therefore, for such a pizza will suit light red wines. Ideal will be combined as a table red dry or semi-dry wine.

Strong flavored dark red wines are suitable for spicy pizza with a filling of meat. Such wines are made from special light sorts of grapes. This kind of wine needs to be enriched with air, for this they are poured into a prepared container from the bottle, this helps to reveal the flavor of the wine brighter.

Pizzerias do not often offer pizza, which requires a dark red wine with a strong flavor. By the way, red wine promotes good digestion. For pizza with meat in the toppings, this is important because meat is a little harder to digest than vegetables and fish.

Wine for pizza with chicken

It is not uncommon for pizza toppings with chicken to contain slices of pineapple. For this type of pizza, choosing the right wine is no easy task. Most likely, it should be a light white or pink wine that perfectly matches the chicken fillets and pineapples.

Wine for seafood pizza

Pizza with fish, shrimp often does not contain tomatoes, ketchup, therefore, red wine, which has high acidity, will not work. An excellent option for pizza with mussels and shrimp is a dry white or rose wine. Light fish pizza and ros̩ wine Рa perfect combination! An interesting option, including fish pizza and sparkling wine, champagne. It should be remembered that the richer the fish flavor, the thicker in flavor should be the white or ros̩ wine. A little sour note of white wine is ideal for pizza with seafood and white sauce without tomatoes.

Wine for pizza with vegetables, mushrooms or cheese

Pizza with vegetables or cheese, whose toppings contain mixed vegetables, mushrooms, different types of cheese, can be combined with white dry wine. Including fruit flavors and a bright note of pepper in the flavor of pink wines is not a bad option to accompany a drink of vegetable pizza.